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Lanna Wedding
The Lanna wedding tradition known as ?kinkhaek taeng-ngan? is full of the people?s beliefs and moral concepts of marriage where a couple live a happy married life according to their traditions and customs. The Lanna expression ?when wood is good to be split a forest is good to be cleared by burning? refers to the period when a man and a woman reach maturity in all respects. They are qualified to have a family of their own.
Selection of a spouse Phit Phi
Proposal for the marriage Lanna Astrology for finding a spouse
Auspicious time for the wedding Wedding Feast
Lanna Wedding Today Beliefs related to the wedding

Yipeng Festival
The Yipeng or Dueanyi Festival comes from the word ?yi? in Lanna referring to the ?second lunar month? and ?peng? means ?full moon night?. Thus, ?yipeng? refers to the full moon night/day of the second lunar month, which falls on the full moon period of the 12th month of Central Thailand. The Lanna calendar is the lunar calendar, like the Chinese calendar. Therefore, it is two months ahead of the first month in the Central Thai Calendar. The Yipeng Festival marks a happy time for Lanna people during the rice harvest and golden fields around the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the cold season.
History of Yipeng Lanna Yipeng
Yipeng Lantern Making a Floating Lantern
Wao Fai Rocket Making
Worshiping with Phang Prathip and how to make Phang Prathip Making the Forest Gate
Making the Sapao Dhamma Offering For One?s Birthday or Birth Month
Tang Tham Luang/ Thet Mahachat Activities during Yipeng at some temples
History of Loi Krathong in Lanna References

Lanna New Year
The Lanna New year is different from the Central Thai Songkran in many ways, be it the time, activities, beliefs or purposes. Lanna Pi Mai comprises a 7-day period: wan sangkhanlong, wan nao, wan phayawan, wan pakpi, wan Pakduean and wan pakyam.

The Sadokhro ritual is an ancient custom which nowadays is held in only a few places. This ritual is meant to cast out diseases or accidents that happen to occur to a person which is considered serious and could cause one to die. Sometimes, it is included as part of some other important ceremonies like a birthday and New Year to ensure that all will be well for that year and that no undesirable incident or bad luck will occur in the coming year.
There are a few ways to perform the rite. One is to light a candle to send away bad luck, another is called ?song-puthaen-yathaen?. The Suepchata or life extension ceremony is also a way to rid one of bad luck. Another old time method of dispelling bad things known as Sadonophakhro is also acceptable.

Suep Chata Mueang
The tradition of Suep Chata Mueang or Extension of the City?s life is an ancient Lanna custom held to boost the spirit and morale of the city and the people to ensure the wellbeing and long life of the city establishment. It is meant to make all the residents feel confident of their safety and prosperity. The tradition is said to take place in two situations in particular. That is when the city faces turmoil due to war and starvation, which is the sign of the city?s fate declining. The other occasion is when the city is peaceful.

Khuen Phrathat
Since the entering of Buddhism into the land of Lanna long ago, it has become well established and gained permanent ground and its teaching has firmly influenced the people?s beliefs and actions. Theravada Buddhism in particular gives importance to paying respect to the relics of the Lord Buddha and several Lanna kings adopted the practice of bringing relics from distant lands to be housed in a chedi of their cities or towns. This tradition has bestowed dignity and power on the township system in Lanna.

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