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Last update: 07/17/2012
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Yipeng Festival
Making the Forest Gate
            2-3 days before the advent of Yipeng, Lanna people will get ready to decorate the gates of their houses and of the temples with a forest gate by using the trunks of banana trees, sugar cane stalks and galangal as well as coconut leaves. All kinds of lanterns are also used like the rabbit ear ones and khom ngio. Flowers used are globe amaranth and marigolds. This is a manner of welcoming Vessandon in the Jataka, which is believed to be the last incarnation of the Bhodhisattava before his rebirth as the Buddha.

Making the Forest Gate

            The abbot Adunsilakit (Thanwuttho) (Interview, Nov. 4, 2008) stated that during the Yipeng festival, Lanna people often arrange for the preaching from Vessandon Jataka, especially the 13th episode or Nakhon Kan which is the last episode giving an account of the time after Vessandon left the monkhood and put on the royal attire heading toward the city of Sipi to rule over it. The town's people were so delighted that they decorated their city with beautiful forest gates. This is where Lanna people get the ideas about the forest gate, which is supposed to be an imitation of the Himalayan forest, hoping it will lure Vessandon to enter their houses, which would gain them a great amount of merit.

Forest Gate

            In addition, the forest gate can be used to place phang prathip to pay respect to the five Buddhas and to hang decorative lanterns as well.

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