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Last update: 07/17/2012
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            Being aware of its major role of being the center for Northern information, Chiang Mai University Central Library has included this project as one of its core missions intended to make available the Northern Thai Information Center to provide services as well as to support a learning or knowledge society for the civilian community in the University and the northern society in general.

            Since the 2007 fiscal year, the Library has established the concept of rendering a service related to northern information via the computer network both inside and outside of the campus. Thus, the Library has coordinated with the Information Technology Service (formerly Computer Service Center) to disseminate information in the form of e-Northern Information via multimedia as part of the activities for an integrated project for the Living Library to Further Develop a Learning Society Project.

            In the first year of the project, a website on "Lanna Food"was launched at /lannafood, with the purpose of disseminating the information and conserving as well as passing on the uniqueness and wisdom of Lanna art and culture.  This information service responds to the government’s policy on Food Safety also.  It provides quick and convenient access anywhere anytime.  And in 2009, an English website was added to it to expand the service on a wider scale.

            In addition, in fiscal year 2008, the Library and the Information Technology Service Center joined together to create a website on "Picture Lanna"at /picturelanna , with the purpose of collecting and disseminating the pictures of Lanna in the past and to compare them with those of the present. The pictures with captions have been made available in electronic media.

             It is hoped that the information will be available for research and for stimulating the awareness in preserving the Lanna historical and cultural heritage among the people in the northern region in particular. The pictures are mainly those related to Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai's past. Most of it was the work of Mr. Boonserm Satrabhaya, who was recognized as a prominent figure who recorded the history of Lanna through photographs. The database on "Lanna Pictures in the Past" is considered the first of its kind in Thailand that provides complete detailed and standardized references that can be searched through a search engine. And in 2009, the English website and database were also added to it to ensure a wider range of services.

            In the 2009-2010 fiscal year, the Chiang Mai University Library and the Information Technology Service Center again coordinated to launch a website on "Lanna Tradition" in a database form at /lannatradition, with the purpose of collecting and  disseminating information related to Lanna tradition in electronic form through the website and video so that students as well as faculty and staff and the general public can have access to it and to promote cultural tourism in the north while preserving and embracing Lanna art and culture among the people in the north to take pride in their heritage.

            For 2009 there are three traditions to deal with: Yi Peng, Wedding and Songkran. In 2010, there are some major Lanna traditions in different months. Besides dissemination of information in the form of articles and database through the website and video, the search can be made from key words, title/topic, author/creator based on international or standardized methods of searching through the search engine. It is hoped as well that in the same way as the "Picture Lanna" database.

            Likewise, the English version of the “Lanna Tradition” website and database is made available and is on its way to serve the public.
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