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:: Picture Lanna :: ภาพล้านนาในอดีต :: คุณบุญเสริม สาตราภัย
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               … My first chopper flight was on a small one with only three seats … I was not afraid but more excited because of looking for best angles to take photos… Luckily it was a fine day, the sky was clear so I could take good shots of Nawarat Bridge. It was the first shot of Chiang Mai from the sky that I was proud of. I can clearly remember that it was on December 31, 1953…
               The above quote was a memory from Boonserm’s first photo flight showing how much love and ambition he had in working fearlessly.
               All through his career he put all his strength in capturing the past moments of Lanna, especially Chiang Mai, so the younger generations could understand and learn about their background. Thereafter, in can be said that almost no one in the Lanna photographic community who have not known or heard of this man Bonnserm Satrabhaya who owns the largest collection of past Lanna photos that he had taken by himself and had carefully taken care of them for over 60 years.

               Boonserm Satrabhaya was born on March 7, 1928 at the post and telegraph officer’s home behind the Chiang Mai Post Office, Post Road (now the Philatelic Museum Chiang Mai, Maeping).

               He was a son of Pra Arttorakarn (Auean Satrabhaya), Chiang Mai’s first post and telegraph officer. His mother was Khamfai Satrabhaya whose former family name was Jayawanna. Boonserm had 2 daughters; Anchalee Coffmann and Pawina Ayabayani.

               His home is now at No. 74, Charoen Mueang Road, Soi 8, Ban Nongpratheep, Tambon Thasala, Mueang district, Chiang Mai.

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:: Picture Lanna :: ภาพล้านนาในอดีต :: คุณบุญเสริม สาตราภัย
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